Our Facility

National Technologies is proud to work in a purpose built, climate controlled, safe, bright and ultra-clean 120,000 square foot facility. We have over 78 CNC lathes and mills, 57 screw machines and hundreds of secondary and supporting equipment that allow us to manufacture a wide variety of parts extremely efficiently. Click link below for a full virtual tour.

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Facility Features

  • 120,000 Square Feet
  • Climate Controlled / Air Conditioned
  • 54 CNC Lathes
    • Sub spindles
    • Live tooling
    • Autoloading
    • Bar feeders
    • Swiss type
  • 24 CNC Mills
    • 5 Axis
    • Max length 64”, height 30”
    • Pallet Changers
  • 32 New Britain & Acme Screw Machines
  • 21 Brown & Sharpe Ultramatics
  • 4 New Britain Chuckers
  • Quick Ventilation System
  • Ultra-clean

Learn More About Us

National Technologies started in 1959 in a small garage on 16th and National Avenue on the south side of Milwaukee. We’ve moved three times since then and are now located in an easy access industrial park just south of Milwaukee’s airport. The building started at 40,000 square feet and we’ve added on twice to get to the 120,000 square feet we are today. By being in control of the design of our building, we’ve been able to adapt and grow to the changing needs of our business and have created a facility that is extremely safe and comfortable and enables efficient flow of products and materials. We also own two lots to our North and West so if we ever need to add on again, we can.