Machining Engineering Services

Your order begins at a pre-production engineering meeting. Nothing at National Technologies is done “on the fly.” Our engineers review your prints and decide upon the most efficient process for production.

Next, our engineering department issues process documents that highlight details important to each machinist. These drawings clarify specifications, secure conversions, and highlight critical dimensions. This extra step eliminates any potential for operator error as the part moves through production.

Plus, our pre-engineering protects the integrity of each part’s critical dimensions in a second way – by anticipating distortions and preventing them. Processes, such as heat treating or plating, may affect material sizes. To offset a variance, like expansion, our process documents may tighten parameters on a first operation to allow for variances on a second. Our planning assures that your finished part or assembly conforms exactly to print specifications.

We can promise such precision machining because we are knowledgeable professionals with years of experience in the art of machining.

Machining Engineering Capabilities


Prototype Collaboration
Value Engineering
Value / Cost Effective

Engineering Discipline





Secure Conversions
Critical Dimensions


Solidworks – 2008 3D Product Design
Anvil 1000 – Drafting
Bobcad – Tool Design
FAI Process Improvement
Gibbs – CAD/CAM Programming
Hardinge Masterkey – CAD/CAM Programming
PMXpert Maintenance

Additional Information

Industry Focus

Aerospace & Defense
Agricultural Machinery
Automotive & Transport
Construction, Mining & Heavy Equipment
Consumer Products
Energy & Utilities
Engine Manufacturers

Fluid Control Equipment, Pump, Seal & Valve
Fuel Systems
Industrial Machinery & Equipment
Power Generation
Recreational Equipment

Industry Standards

ISO 9001:2008
ASQ Certified Inspectors

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