You Don't Have To Choose Between Great Pay And A Great Workplace.

You don't have to choose between great pay and a great workplace.

Learn why over 100 of our CNC machinists and other employees choose a career that gives them more stability, income, and appreciation.

Less frustrations at work

Less frustrations at work

More time with your family

More time with your family

More options for your career

More options for your career

Feeling burned out? Try National.

Do you feel stuck and underappreciated at your job?

A good paycheck is great, but feeling like your employer has your back is just as important.

A job at National Technologies buys you both.

  • Discover the work-life balance you’ve always wanted with optional overtime and three day weekends.
  • Get into your workflow with fewer interruptions thanks to our organized systems and well-maintained equipment.
  • And never worry about job security again: layoffs aren’t our thing.

Because we believe work should be more than just a paycheck.

Feeling Burned Out? <span>try National.</span>

Great, easy, laid back work environment. Great pay and benefit. Good coworkers.

-Bryan N.
More time with your family

Time with family

40-hour work weeks with optional overtime; three-day weekends every week

A Great Wage

A great wage

Our CNC operators start between $17 and $29 depending on shift and experience.

Job stability

Layoffs aren't our thing. Once you're in, we'll take care of you and your career.


Health Insurance

$1,000 deductible for individuals and a $2,000 deductible for families

401k Plan

Our 401k plan matches 50% of what you set aside, up to 8% of your income


2 weeks of PTO within the first year plus 4 extra hours of PTO for every month of perfect attendance


Flex Spending Account & Health Reimbursement Account

Life Insurance

& Short/Long Term Disability Insurance

Dental & Vision

Dental + Vision Benefits

Holidays Off

Enjoy 6 holidays every year, including two days pay for each of Christmas and New Years.


Unlock 2 opportunities for raises in the first year of employment.


Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an extra hand for when you're stuck with big life decisions

We pay for school

100% paid upfront for job-related college or tech classes

Plus enjoy perks like...

Fitness room

This isn't your average fitness room. Our large space houses treadmills, ellipticals, and a complete set of weight lifting equipment.

Free Food

Every Thursday morning we set out a free continental breakfast for employees. And for those who decide to work overtime on Fridays we bring in lunch catered by a local sandwich shop.

But don't just take our word for it.

Everybody's so helpful. You can talk to anybody. If you have a problem or issue, you can talk with your supervisor or HR and they'll take care of it to the best of their knowledge. At a lot of companies you don't get that. I've worked at a lot of different places where people don't help you and you can't get that help, where people see you and know you need help but don't even try.

- Latoya, CNC Lathe Operator
People Here Are So Helpful - Latoya's Work Story

When I came here I was a basic operator. Within a year or two, I was given the opportunity to become a setup person. As a setup person you develop a lot of skills: blueprint reading, programming reading, a lot of inspections skills. If you're looking for a place where you want to grow and be valued, this is it.

- Juan, CNC Lathes Leadman
They Really Do Look Out For You - Juan's Work Story

We love people's input. That's the great thing about working here. You come to me and say, 'I saw this, this is great, we should do this.' All right, let's do some research. Let me talk with the ownership. They support everything. Not every idea is a good idea. We've had some failures. But there's no blowback from that. There's more encouragement that we tried something even though it didn't work.

- Jolene, Production Supervisor
Your Good Ideas Are Brought Forward -- Jolene's Work Story

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